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Reindeer herding in Fennoscandia – same, same but different

Reindeer owners   In Sweden, only a person who is member of a reindeer herding community (Sameby) has reindeer herding rights. An exception is the Concession area in western Sweden (Torne valley), where other locals can own reindeer, but Sámi people manage them. Norway has similar rules, and only Sámi with rights to a reindeer …

International cooperation in reindeer research

A broad spectrum of research topics is related to reindeer herding and the Sámi culture. From working conditions, viruses and diseases, racism, climate change, land-use effects to predator losses, and many others. Several research questions are similar across the whole region occupied by reindeer, and international cooperation is therefore well established. More about reindeers: Reindeer …

A Nordic cooperating body within agricultural and food research

The primary objective of the Nordic Joint Committee for Agricultural and Food Research (NKJ) is to strengthen research and innovation systems in the agriculture and food sector in the Nordic countries. A continuous production and supply of knowledge from research is important to realize the sectors opportunities and potential in the future. This will also strengthen the Nordic region’s position as a pioneer in agricultural and food research in accordance with the objectives of the EU’s 2020 strategy.

NKJ operates within  four areas:

  • Policy advise and analysis
  • A meeting place
  • Coordination
  • Funding