Exploring pathways to protect soil carbon stocks in agroecosystems


Coordinator: Ji Chen, Århus University, ji.chen@agro.au.dk

Period: 2020-2021

About the network

Several different crop fields, seen from above. Photo.Soils contain approximately two to three times as much carbon as contained in the atmosphere or vegetation. Protecting soil carbon stocks is therefore one of the most important climate actions.

Moreover, increase in soil carbon stocks could enhance soil fertility, water-holding capacity, and yield stability. Thus, protecting or even increasing soil carbon stocks can be a win-win strategy for the future climate-smart and sustainable agriculture.

Measuring instruments lying in grass. Photo.However, it remains unclear how and to what extent we can protect and enhance soil carbon stocks across the Nordic countries. In this network project, several experts from Aarhus University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Natural Resources Institute Finland and Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research will work together to explore potential promising pathways to protect soil carbon stocks in agroecosystems, while sustaining or increasing biomass yield. This project will also help us lay solid foundation for future coordinated research among Nordic countries.


Carbon input and output i soil. Illustration.