Nordic Field Trial Network (NFTN)

Coordinator: Nicolai Fog Hansen, Danish Technological Institute, nfh@teknologisk.dk

Period: 2022-2024

Conference in field trials, February 8, Gjøvik, Norway

Registration deadline: Friday January 20th 2023 at 00:00 Click here to register

“For the first time ever, you have the opportunity to meet with others in the field trial area to exchange experiences and develop ideas for new methods in experimental work. Through short presentations, you will be introduced to a number of different methods used in the Nordics, and regardless of whether you focus on the collection of data via drones, logistics, grain analyses, or the statistical calculation of test results, you will certainly both be inspired and develop your network.


About the network:

Execution of field trials has been a classic discipline in all Nordic countries for the past more than 50 years. Most field trials are executed by a few institutions. The methods for executing field trials have been well-proven for many years and have a great credibility in the industry and at a high scientific level.

The classic execution of field trials must be developed to be able to incorporate and generate more comprehensive answers to the new challenges i.e. the effect on greenhouse, gas production, sustainability. New technical possibilities open up completely new dimensions in the way we work. The challenges are the same across borders, and there is an expressed desire to learn from each other and in collaboration innovate new methods.

The network will primarily carry out its activities by holding conferences and workshops, where specialists in the field will be brought together to exchange experiences and develop new methods.

The network is coordinated in a collaboration between SLU, NIBIO, SEGES Innovation and the Danish Technological Institute.

Everyone is welcome to join the network, and we can offer years of experience in conducting field trials and we are all curious to learn new things.