Nordic Partnership for Soil Health and Agroecology (TerraNordica)

Coordinator: Jannes Stolte, NIBIO,  jannes.stolte(at)nibio.no


About the network

Soil provides several ecosystem services (ES) such as food production, biological habitat and gene pool, carbon storage, and water filtration. However, soil degradation threatens the delivery of soil ES worldwide. Soil health implies that the physical, chemical and biological components of soil function optimally. Soil needs to be managed properly to provide essential environmental, economic and social benefits.

Photo: Jannes Stolte, NIBIO

Agroecology encompasses the whole food system from soil to the organization of human societies. Agroecology is based on sustainable use of local renewable resources, farmers’ knowledge and priorities, to provide ES, resilience and solutions that provide environmental, economic, and social benefits. Agroecology is a concept for reconciling agricultural production and environmental sustainability by optimizing ecological processes that deliver ES to reduce external inputs.

Photo: Adam O’Toole, NIBIO

The Nordic Partnership for Soil Health and Agroecology, TerraNordica, will develop a link between soil health and the effects of agroecological management system on this for Nordic conditions. The overall goal of TerraNordica is to document and review the effects of agroecological production systems on soil health in Nordic countries. The partnership’s contribution to soil health focuses on:

  • Food production for food security
  • Climate change through carbon sequestration
  • Above and below-ground biodiversity through habitat provision

TerraNordica will generate meaningful discussions and foster collaboration among participants. A major expected outcome is the development of policy recommendations based on the latest research findings from projects. These recommendations will help shape agricultural policies across the Nordic region and beyond, promoting sustainable practices prioritizing soil health and ecological resilience.

TerraNordica comprises researchers from different fields who will contribute to network and promote sustainable agriculture in the Nordic Countries.

The partners are:
Norway:     NIBIO, NORSØK, Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Sweden:     SLU
Denmark:   University of Copenhagen, SEGES, Aarhus University
Iceland:      Icelandic Agricultural Advisory Centre, SCSI
Finland:      LUKE