Silhouette of a sheep at sunset. Photo.HOW DO YOU APPLY?


  1. Is there any relevant call at the moment? In that case you will find it on this website and our social medias!
  2. Find the right form. You find the links to the forms and exact rules on the open call page.
  3. Fill out the relevant application form. It can be of some help to have a look at our strategy and statutes – find them in the bottom of this page!
  4. Send the form to


The following prerequisites goes for all of our calls, but small variations can occur, so read the call text for the call that interests you, to get all details.

• Networks should include applicants from research institutions from at least three different countries in the Nordic region.

• Each gender must be represented by a minimum of 40% of the participants in the network.

• PhD students and young researchers should be included in the network.

• Stakeholders are encouraged to participate but cannot be main applicants.


We’ll contact you when we’ve made a decision.


…you need our strategy? Read our strategy here (PDF)
…you need or our statutes Read our statutes here (PDF)


Don’t hesitate to CONTACT us if you have questions!

See our contact information here.