Bioeconomy program

In the light of the large global challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and unsustainable food systems, there is a need to facilitate the development of the bioeconomy and accelerate the green transition.

The rural regions of the Nordic and Baltic possess a great bioeconomy potential. However, there is an increasing imbalance between urban and rural areas regarding access to services, infrastructure and education, labour markets, population changes and opportunities for economic development. Therefore, it is important to secure the development of the bioeconomy in Nordic and Baltic rural areas inclusive economic growth, for the transition to more sustainable production industries and hence sustainable rural development.

SNS and NKJ have gotten the mission from the Nordic Council of Ministers, to start the work towards a sustainable bioeconomy growth in the Nordic rural areas. We are doing this through the Bioeconomy program.

The main objectives are to:
• Strengthen sustainable use of available bioresources in Nordic/Baltic rural areas
• Increase economic growth and social sustainability in rural areas in the Nordic and Baltic
• Strengthen Nordic/Baltic industry competitiveness in bioeconomy sectors in rural areas ​