Abiotic stress in crops in Nordic conditions – welcome to participate in meeting

The NKJ funded network NordCrop “Climate resilient crops in the North and beyond” is happy to announce its second meeting in Alnarp and online 10 March 2022. 

The focus will be on abiotic stress in crops in Nordic conditions and also a focus on young researchers. 

It will be a hybrid meeting, but if Covid-19 regulations does not allow a physical meeting we will go fully online. The physical place will be Crafoord Hall, Navet, SLU Alnarp. Link for online participation will be provided after registration.

For registrations:


The meeting is open for all, though with restrictions linked to the meeting room.


Program 10 March 13:00-16:30 CET

13.00 Key note 1: “Climate effects on stomatal regulation” Ebe Merilo, University of Tartu

13.30 ”Priming for enhance resilience of crops to major abiotic stresses”, Dr Xiangnan Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences

13.50    “Root and shoot hydraulic integrity of tomato plants in response to drought under elevated CO2”, Dr Shenglan Li, University of Copenhagen

14.10 “Interaction of multiple stresses and CO2 in wheat”, Dr Lamis Abdelhakim, Aarhus University

14.30Susceptibility genes and salt tolerance”, Prof Erik Andreasson, SLU

14.50 Short break

15.00 Key note 2: “Phenotyping for yield” Erik Murchie, University of Nottingham

15.30  “Phenotyping in the Nordic region”, Dr Eva Rosenqvist, University of Copenhagen

15.50:  “HeRo – Healthy Roots”, Dr Jonathan Cope and Dr Ida Karlsson, SLU

16.10: “Drought resistance in Sorghum”, Dr Kibrom Abreha, SLU