BioEquality forum 1: Female role models for gender balance

Discussion forum 1 of 3 in the BioEquality series

Role models for a gender balanced digital bioeconomy 

One of the action points suggested in the report Redefining digital bioeconomy to make the digital bioeconomy more gender equal is to increase the number of female role models and thereby diversify the masculine image, creating more inclusiveness. This type of action aims to serve to set an example and encourage women to seek education related to, and employment in, the digital bioeconomy. This alone is not enough considering that the very structures of bioeconomy and tech industries remain masculine, however it is an important stepping stone in increasing the number of females in the sector. 

This discussion forum is part of a series aiming to open up for discussions on how the education of young academics can integrate the gender perspective into the meeting between digitalisation and bioeconomy. The discussion forums are initiated and financed by Nordic Forest Research, Nordic Agri Research and the Nordic Council of Ministers. 

When: 26th of May, 10.00-11.30 CET 
To solve any technical problems, please log in to the discussion forum no later than 09.55 

Where: Online via Zoom 
Participants will be provided with a link to the discussion forum on Monday 24th of May 

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• Welcome and introduction 

• Three inspirational speeches – One teacher, one student and one female role model share their point of view on female role models 

• Group discussions on who are the role models for young women – How is one classified as a role model? Do they have to be women? Is it women far ahead in their careers, that have taken the same path as them, that have the same educational background? 

• Brainstorming ideas on how role models can take a more active role at universities – 

Examples could involve inviting role models to inspirational lectures in courses, ask them to mentor students etc. 

• Reflections in larger group 

• Closing remarks