International cooperation in reindeer research

Reindeer on a green field. Photo.A broad spectrum of research topics is related to reindeer herding and the Sámi culture. From working conditions, viruses and diseases, racism, climate change, land-use effects to predator losses, and many others. Several research questions are similar across the whole region occupied by reindeer, and international cooperation is therefore well established.

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The Arctic Ungulate Society brings together researchers on reindeer/caribou and muskox in international conferences every fourth year. The last conference was held in Sweden (Jokkmokk) in 2019, with some 110 delegates.

Contact: Birgitta Åhman (president),


ReiGN is a Nordic Centre of Excellence with a focus on reindeer husbandry. The overall aim is to understand how climate change and other processes in the Arctic will affect reindeer husbandry in Fennoscandia and how the industry can adapt to these drivers. Partners of ReiGN represent Norway, Sweden, Finland, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Contact: Øystein Holand,


Nordic association for agricultural science (NJF) has a Reindeer Husbandry section. The section promotes reindeer research in the Nordic countries and organises the Nordic Conference on Reindeer husbandry research.

Contact: Birgitta Åhman (chair),