Networking to tackle effects of the climate change

The climate change demands adaption by the agriculture sector. Two workshops has been arranged by a NKJ funded researcher network, NordCrop, about the screening of existing genotypes for resilience that has proved that resilience traits is available in the current breeding material.


The two workshops were open for all stakeholders allowed discussion on future directions with a combination of invited international speakers and presentation from partners. Two PhD courses on applied crop physiology allowed for networking between young scientist from partner countries.

The results of the workshops can be implemented through stakeholders and the last years of fluctuations in the climate stresses the acute need to future proof the Nordic agricultural production.

The focus on the NordCrop network was in agriculture, with special emphasis on crop tolerance to stresses, both direct global change related and aspects of diseases and methods to detect stresses, but also genetic characterization and molecular biology. All these aspects are needed to cope with climate stresses and also support the green transition in the Nordic countries.

The Resilient Northern Crops Network (NordCrop) aimed to contribute to the establishment of a better understanding of the responses of field crops in the Nordic region to multiple abiotic and biotic stresses which has become a severe challenge to the food supply.