New networks funded by NKJ

The NKJ board had a tricky task to evaluate and rate the ten received proposals in the recent call for funding, but we are happy to present the new networks below! 

The focus areas of the call were:

  • Soil as a carbon sink
  • Alternative proteins
  • Arctic agriculture and climate
  • Extreme weather

All of these are areas have been of special focus for NKJ lately. However, networks focusing on other aspects of Nordic agriculture and food research were also encouraged to apply for funding. In total, ten proposals were received and evaluated by the NKJ board. We are happy to support the six networks in the list below, with activities in 2020 and 2021.

NKJ wants to promote Nordic collaboration among researchers from the agricultural sectors by networking activities such as conferences and seminars and also encourage Nordic researchers and institutions to apply for larger funds by joint efforts. Our funded networks are truly Nordic, since they have to gather at least three Nordic countries! They also need to be gender balanced and we encourage them to actively engage younger researchers and PhDs. 

These are the funded networks:


Resilient Northern Crops Network (NordCrop)
Carl-Otto Ottosen
Århus University


Nordic Crop Wild Relative network – conservation for a more resilient Nordic agriculture
Anna Palmé


Cultured Meat – Nordic Take
Jette Feveile
Århus University


Hrannar Smári Hilmarsson
Agricultural University of Iceland


Exploring pathways to protect soil carbon stocks in agroecosystems
Ji Chen
Århus University


Diversification of the Nordic protein sources
Anne Pihlanto
Natural Resources Institute Finland

At the moment we have an open call for networks in plant health and alternative proteins. Read more about the open call and apply before April 15th