The Nordic conference on reindeer husbandry 2022

The Nordic Conference on Reindeer Husbandry 9-10 November 2022 was held at NIBIO Svanhovd, Pasvik, Norway.
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The topic of the 2022 conference was challenges to reindeer husbandry, in particular the impact of predators, as well as consequences of a changing climate in Sweden, Finland and Norway. The first day of the conference focused on current status, policy and governance on predators, and the second day focused on issues connected to climate change.

Find the speakers and their presentations in the outline of the program below:

Part 1 Loss of reindeer to predators
Keynote: “Main challenges”

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• Paliskuntain yhdistys/Reindeer Herders Association Finland – Sanna Hast VIDEO

• Svenska samernas riksförbund/Reindeer herders organisation Sweden – Matti Blind Berg VIDEO

• Norske Reindriftsamers Landsforbund/Reindeer herders organisation Norway – Leif Anders Somby VIDEO

Status and consequences of loss – development within the Nordic countries

“Tap av reinsdyr i de Nordiske landene – status og konsekvenser for næringen” – Svein Morten Eilertsen (NIBIO) VIDEO

Stocks, management and monitoring of stocks

“Large carnivores in reindeer herding districts” – Ilpo Kojola (Luke) VIDEO


Part 2 Governance
Keynote: “Measures to reduce loss”

• Ministry of Environment, NO – Torbjørn Lange VIDEO

• Sami Parliament, SE – Ander-Erling Fjällås VIDEO

Compensation for loss – comparative perspective

”Economic-Ecological System Analysis of the Costs of Predation and Difficult Winter Conditions on Reindeer Husbandry” – Antti-Juhani Pekkarinen (Luke) VIDEO

Documentation of loss, use of traditional knowledge – Karen Anette Anti (NRL) VIDEO


Part 3 Ongoing research projects

“Beitenæringer og rovvilt i nord” – Snorre Hagen (NIBIO) VIDEO

“Future of reindeer husbandry – workshops in Finland; joint work of projects CHARTER, CLIMINI and POVAUS” – Sirpa Rasmus (University of Lapland) VIDEO


Part 4 Reindeer husbandry in a changing climate
Keynote: “Challenges climate change adaptation”

• Svenska samernas riksförbund/Reindeer Herders organisation Sweden – Matti Blind Berg VIDEO

• Paliskuntain yhdistys/Reindeer Herders’ Association Finland – Sanna Hast VIDEO

• Norske Reindriftsamers Landsforbund/Reindeer Herders organisation Norway – Leif Anders Somby VIDEO

Consequences of climate change

“Interconnections of climate change, reindeer husbandry and other land use” – Anna Skarin (SLU) VIDEO

“The Times They Are A-Changin’ – research trends and perspectives of reindeer pastoralism – a text mining approach” – Øystein Holand (Norges miljø-og biovitenskaplige universitet) VIDEO

“Climate change impacts on reindeer pastures” – Jutta Kapfer (NIBIO) NOT AVAILABLE

“Climate change increase the risk of facing difficult winters in reindeer herding” – Jouko Kumpula (Luke) VIDEO

“Coping strategies of herders, knowledge gaps and long-term planning needs” – Sirpa Rasmus (University of Lapland) VIDEO

“Presentation of knowledge gaps identified in the report: NIBIO Brage: Kartlegging av forskning på reindriftsområdet – kunnskapsgrunnlag og forskningsbehov”- Inger Hansen (NIBIO) VIDEO



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