Nordic Testbed Network

Nordic Testbed Network – supporting digital transformation in the Nordic bioeconomy

Digitalisation plays a vital role in the rapid development of the Nordic bioeconomy. Access to cutting edge platforms for development – so-called testbeds – where new digital knowledge and technology can be developed is fundamental. The landscape of testbeds is however complex and constantly changing. To optimise resources there is a need to unite and strengthen testbeds aimed at supporting the digital ­transformation of the bioeconomy. In short, there is a need for Nordic Testbed Networks.

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What is it about?

The Nordic Testbed Network aims to unite and strengthen existing testbeds of relevance to the digitalisation of the Nordic bioeconomy. In this way, we make it easier to reap the benefits of digitalisation and strengthen the competitiveness of the Nordic bioeconomy.

Digitalisation is a wide concept and to ensure focus and depth, the network will target specific subjects such as for example precision farming.

Download the vision of the Nordic Testbed Network here (PDF)

Nordic added value

High-performing ­testbeds require big resources. Add to the ­equation that there are plenty of ­engagements in testbeds all over the Nordics. By ­creating networks, we facilitate the exchange of ­information and  knowledge in the Nordic region. In this way, more people have easier access, and possibility to contribute, to the development of testbeds that suits them, no matter where in the Nordic region they are located. This is  resource optimisation in practice.


Nordic Testbed Networks is based on “Digitalisation in the Nordic bioeconomy” undertaken by SNS and NKJ during 2018. Testbeds were then raised as an important part of strengthening the Nordic bio­economy’s profitability and competitiveness. The aim of the Nordic Testbed Networks is also aligned with NCM initiatives such as The North Digital Declaration, the Nordic Bioeconomy Program and the Nordic Food Partnership.

Are we on the same page?

Bioeconomy refers to the biomass-based part of the total economy. It is often associated with concepts like green economy and circular economy. In the Nordic Testbed Networks, it is defined as agriculture and forestry.

Digitalisation refers to a process of ­comprehensive social changes (e.g. new business ­models and infrastructure ­solutions). Digitisation is one ­component of ­digitalisation and refers to the conversion of ­information from analogue to digital format.

Testbeds are physical or virtual ­environments ­where businesses, ­academia and other ­organisations can ­interact in the development, ­testing and ­introduction of new products, ­services, processes or ­organisational solutions in selected areas. A well-designed testbed has effectively ­integrated both ­”hardware” (equipment, physical facilities etc.) and ”software” ­(competence, organisation, service ­offerings etc).


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