Nordic Testbed Networks

Digitalisation plays a vital role in the rapid development of the Nordic bioeconomy. Access to cutting edge platforms for development –so-called testbeds – where new digital knowledge and technology can be developed is fundamental. The landscape of testbeds is however complex and constantly changing. To optimise resources there is a need to unite and strengthen testbeds aimed at supporting the digital ­transformation of the bioeconomy.

In short, there is a need for Nordic Testbed Networks.

Nordic Testbed Networks is based on ‘Digitalisation in the Nordic bioeconomy’ undertaken by SNS and NKJ during 2018. Testbeds were then raised as an important part of strengthening the Nordic bio­economy’s profitability and competitiveness.

The aim of the Nordic Testbed Networks is also aligned with NCM initiatives such as The North Digital Declaration, the Nordic Bioeconomy Program and the Nordic Food Partnership.

More info: Nordic Testbed Networks (PDF)