Nordic working group on agriculture and drought

The hot and dry summer 2018 showed that we must be prepared to handle crisis in agriculture. Severe drought can be one kind of crisis, but there can also be several different sceneries.

We think that cooperation is the best way to efficiently handle crisis in the agricultural sector. The Nordic countries are small, have similar climate and policies. We can be stronger together!

These are the areas where we see good potential and a need for cooperation, and where we can start now to prepare and facilitate cooperation:

• Drainage and irrigation – raising knowledge in water management
We want to carry out a survey and analysis with regard to both the compilation of existing knowledge and the development of new knowledge.

• Strategies for more efficient organization in the event of extreme weather
We want to carry out a feasibility study with a view to:
• Map and identify relevant scenarios
• Map ongoing similar or related work in the Nordic region and internationally
• Create appropriate strategies
• Develop proposals for the implementation of a main project with the aim to develop strategies, including an training plan, for selected scenarios

• Knowledge exchange between advisers in the Nordic region
We want to implement a working group to arrange a conference with the aim of creating a platform for exchange of experience and knowledge between the Nordic advisers, and other actors such as researchers and officials

• Plants adapted for future Nordic conditions 
There is a possibility for cooperation with expert organisations in this matter