The overarching objective of the NKJ strategy

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The Nordic Bio-economy Initiative

NKJ ‘s strategy for 2011-2014 is based on expected future trends within the sector and highlights the increased need for a focus on biomass from agriculture as a renewable raw material in the development of bio-economy. In relation to this NKJ has decided to develop the initiative “The Nordic Bio-economy Initiative” on bio-based society in the Nordic countries. The draft “Det nordiska initiative till biobaserat samhälle”, prepared by the committee, was presented to MR-FJLS on their meeting 28 June 2012 in Trondheim, Norway.

The initiative’s objective is to enhance and facilitate Nordic cooperation within research and policymaking between the primary industries and food sector in order to assist to develop the Nordic societies into sustainable bio-based economies.

“The Nordic Bio-economy Initiative” was at the MR-FJLS 28 June meeting considered as a highly relevant activity on “green solutions” and a bio-based society within research and innovation. The initiative was also regarded as an activity which may link the Nordic Green Growth initiative with the ongoing work on the bio-based society in the EU.

Inter-sectorial relationships and cross-sectorial collaboration are highly regarded objectives within the primary industries and food sector in connection to solving social challenges, as advocated by the MR-FJLS in the past. “The Nordic Bio-economy Initiative” is such a cross-sectorial collaboration.

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