Salvation by bioenergy – what is the potential?

Climate change, fossil fuels, greenhouse gases… We need to find ways to a sustainable future. Can bioenergy be part of the solution?

There are a lot of different views on the potential for biomass production. But it is widely believed that, in order to reach carbon neutrality, the use of bioenergy should continue to grow. Bioenergy can provide large amounts of clean energy at acceptable environmental costs. But will there be side effects, such as hunger, biodiversity loss and substantial greenhouse gas emissions?

To provide guidance on this matter, NKJ, Nordic Forest Research (SNS) and Nordic Energy Research have produced a policy brief: Sustainable use of biomass for heating and transport fuel. The aim is to contribute to the current debate on the important, but complicated, issue of sustainable use of biomass.

Download the policy brief (PDF)

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Download the short brochure (PDF)

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