NORDIC GRAIN – Sustainable disease management in cereals in the Nordic region


Coordinator: Thies Marten Heick, Århus university, ">

Period: 2020-2022

Article from Aarhus University


Sustainable disease control in major arable crops is a common goal across countries in the Nordic region. Internationally competitive research is carried out in many institutes in our region – on a national level or in joint projects.

Each of the Nordic countries is generally too small to address all the research needs relevant to cereal disease management in the region. By working together and sharing expertise and joining our activities, we can work more effectively towards sustainable disease control in Nordic grain production.

The overall aim of this network is to join forces and coordinate research activities in Scandinavia to ensure a sustainable and high quality grain production in the participating countries.

The following institutes take part in this network:
Aarhus Universitet (Denmark)
LUKE (Finland)
SLU (Sweden)
NIBIO (Norway)
NMBU (Norway).

The long-term aims of this proposed network are:
(1) to generate comprehensive lists of projects and activities within the project area and to coordinate research activities in the region,
(2) to identify knowledge gaps and research needs,
(3) to develop approaches to fill these gaps,
(4) to obtain funding and increase awareness within the Nordic countries,
(5) to characterize different expertise and infrastructures in different institutes aiming for better cooperation and more efficient use of resources in the future.

The NORDICGRAIN network will be an open and sustained forum and thus not be restricted to or dependent on the time-line of specific projects.