NKJ funded projects

Ongoing NKJ projects and networks

Activ projects and networks Project manager Project period
Added value to nordic Baltic sustainable food research with quality and health perspective Gerd Vegarud 2018-2019
Nordic feeding recommendations for horses Rasmus Bovberg Jensen 2018-2019
Effects of extreme weather on agricultural production and environment Marianne Bechmann 2018-2019
NORSE – Nordic Ovine Research, Surveillance and Epidemiology Clare Phythian 2018-2019
The Nordic Rye Forum Rikard Landberg 2018-2019
Healthy udders for sustainable milk production Päivi Rajala Schultz 2018-2019

Ongoing SNS–NKJ networks


Dialogue biocontrol

Neonectria cankers



List of closed projects and networks

Network on enchancing the use of economics in animal health and welfareresearch in the nordic countries (Nordic NEAH), Jarko Niemi, 2016-2018

NJF Organic Conference 2017 – Organic for tomorrow’s food systems, Carina Tikkanen-Kaukanen, 2017

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