Genetic resources information management system

Rapeseed field and road leading down to the sea. Photo.

Genetic resources information management system: a Nordic approach?

Project leader: Jan Svensson, Nordic Genetic Resource Center

Period: 2018-2019

Report – NKJ funded networks (PDF)

Long term aim

The long-term aim by bringing together the Nordic actors using GIMS for management of genetic resources is to investigate and decide on applying for a COST action by the end of the network period.

There is an estimated 1800 gene banks throughout the world and in Europe, the European Search Catalogue for Plant Genetic Resources (EURISCO) show that 372 European Institutes has uploaded passport data. There is a fractionation of the different GIMS systems used by the different institutes and a COST action to bring together the key actors is warranted.

Furthermore there will in the future be a need to further develop genomics-ready GIMS to also handle genotype (genomics) data. DivSeek is an international network that has raised this issue on a global level (the main applicant represents NordGen in DivSeek) and DivSeek would be well complemented by a focused European COST action.

Goal for the period

The goal for the period is to bring together Nordic users of SESTO, the GIMS developed by NordGen. This network is all the more important since SESTO is nearing its retirement and NordGen will present the different GIMS options available.

The goal is to discuss how to create a joint Nordic approach and to (if possible) jointly move forward towards a new Nordic GIMS, also including the Baltic states.

A road map, including estimated costs and time frame should be produced during the network period.