NKJ Announces a Call for Networking Activities in 2016-2017

Who can apply?

Researchers at research institutions in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland are eligible to apply.

Stakeholders can be involved, but cannot be main applicants.


Call description

The aim of the NKJ network call is to:

  • increase North European regional synergy within agriculture and food research(*)
  • establish better contact between the agriculture and food research(*) communities in the Nordic countries
  • strengthen North European agriculture and food research(*) and networking

(*) Including animal health and welfare and reindeer husbandry.


Applicants are encouraged to

  • have PhD students and young researchers participating in the network
  • build a network with an even gender distribution (aim: 40-60% gender balance)



The applications are expected to contribute to the strategic goals of the NKJ and to promote competitiveness and innovativeness of Nordic countries.

NKJ will in this strategy period, 2015-2018, focus on three thematic focus areas: climate change, globalisation and the transition to the bio economy.


The NKJ-strategy 2015-2018 can be found here: http://nordicagriresearch.org/en/policy/strategy/


Economic framework

Network grants are for maximum 2 years.

The total budget for the call is at least 1 000 000 NOK.

  • The maximum applied amount per one network should be approx. 250 000 NOK
  • A self-financing component of at minimum 50% of the total budget of the network is required
  • The funding should primarily be spent on direct costs related to networking activities but not labor costs, or to costs of board meetings or other administrative meetings.
  • Cost-efficiency: Applicants are encouraged to ensure that the cost-per-person in the network application is reasonable. In addition to physical meetings applicants are encouraged to make use of other means of meeting, e.g. video-conferences and web-based meetings to reduce travel costs and CO2 emissions.


Call conditions

  • Applications must include research groups from at least three of the eligible countries.
  • Network activities should describe the expected Nordic synergies within agriculture and food research.
  • The network should have a plan for communication activities, and a publishable output of its topic/area is expected for publication in NKJ.org.
  • Applications must be submitted by email using the application form to the NKJ secretariat (). Applications have to be submitted in English. The currency in the applications should be NOK.



  • The call is announced June 15th 2015 on the NKJ website and by mailing lists.
  • Applications must be submitted no later than 12:00 CET on September 15st 2015.
  • Decisions will be made in October 2015 and communicated to applicants in November 2015.
  • Next NKJ call for network activities will be announced in summer 2016.

Find the application form here!



Sandra Danielsson +47 901 34 794