Cooperation in equestrian sport is crucial for the horse’s health

Researchers have agreed on important points to create better horse health in equestrian sports. Collaboration is one of the corner stones.

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The NKJ co-funded networks Swedish Centre for Animal Welfare (SCAW) and Nordic Network for Communicating Animal Welfare (NordCAW) has arranged seminars and meetings during the past year. 

The seminars and meetings have evoked discussions regarding the need for change in equestrian sports and what measures need to be taken in Sweden, the Nordic countries, and Europe as a whole.

Some key points from the activities are:
• the need for improved assessment and control of horses before and during competitions
• the need for change of focus from the horse’s head position, to how the horse carries itself
• the need for assessment of conflict behaviours during competition and warm-up
training based on learning theories adapted to the horses’ condition and prerequisites
• need for changes on what and how equipment are being used

• To accomplish any kind of positive changes towards sustainable equestrianism it has also been stressed the importance of barriers analysis and collaboration between different actors, such as authorities, sports associations, veterinarians, academia and NGO’s. All have a different role to play, and all are needed for long-term change.