Use of biosensors for sustainable food production

Green bean capsules in a basket. Photo.

Use of biosensors for sustainable food production in Nordic countries – status and possibilities

Project leader: Hanne Fjerdingby Olsen, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Period: 2018-2019

Long term aim

The long-term aim of this network is to coordinate academic forces in the Nordic countries Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland for a joint application to Horizon 2020. There are relevant caIls opening
autumn 2018.

The network activities is expected to give synergies by joining academic, interdisciplinary competence within a complex special field. Joining forces on Nordic level has the potential to identify future needs for research and initiate cooperation between researchers and their institutions on Nordic level, and thus generate new knowledge of outmost importance for future development in food production.

Goal for the period

The goal for the period is to provide a common knowledge platform regarding the status, availability and possibilities for utilizing biosensors in animal production, and how digitization influences the possibilities for reaching the goal of reduced climatic impact of the animal production.

The goal is also to focus the specific Nordic challenges and possibilities, both between and within countries, fora sustainable, self­ sufficient food production providing food security.

The network/working group will consist of an interdisciplinary team of animal/environmental/computing researchers from each of the four countries, through a workshop structure, using both physical meetings and digital solutions for meetings/discussions. The workshops will mainly consist of opening speech(es) of relevant topics, followed by a common discussion and conclusions.

The workshop structure will have four main topics:

  • Biosensors-new high-resolution phenotypes from digitization
  • System boundaries and tools for description of the climatic impact
  • Nordic resources – biological and ethical limits for sustainability
  • Data management and availability1 technical solutions and ownership structure