New Nordic Food: OPEN CALL on sustainability with children/young as target groups

This open call is an opportunity to strengthen networking at a strategic level among central Nordic institutions. We want to gather the forces in the Nordic food culture movement with a focus on children and young people!



Collaborations and projects that meet the goals and criteria are welcome to apply, however, there is a particularly interest for applications in the following areas: 
Public food, such as school food 
Sustainable development and communication about Nordic food culture and Nordic diet 
• Sustainable meal tourism with a special focus on meals for children/young people

Application deadline: 30.09.2022 at 23.59 CEST 

Max funding: 500.000 DKK/project 

With this call, the steering group for New Nordic Food wishes to support projects and activities that fall within the framework of the Kitchen Manifesto and the current Nordic Nutrition Recommendations with sustainability as the overarching theme. 

The project must support and promote sustainable eating habits, and the focus can be, for example, the promotion of locally produced and organic food, gastronomic values, foreign food culture and traditional dishes/products or reducing food waste. The project can identify and test or disseminate best practices to promote interest in sustainable eating habits.

The target group of the project must be children and young people between 12-20 years, e.g. at institutions such as schools, high schools, boarding schools, folk high schools, food schools, vocational schools or similar in the Nordic countries.

Call text (EN)

Call text (DK)

Application form

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