Nine new networks granted NKJ funds

Nine new networks are granted funding from NKJ from 2024. The fokus of the call was all aspects of food and agriculture.


The NKJ board made a decision to fund nine new networks, during their last meeting in the end of February. The number of applications was all time high, and the number of funded networks also turned out higher than usual. The applications was of high standard and the networks highly relevant, and therefore the board found it easy to grant more of them.

The total sum shared between the networks is 2 500 000 SEK, which is much higher than usual, due to the large number of granted networks.

The focus of the call this time was broad and open for networks in all aspects of food and agricultural research. The aim of the call was to facilitate collaboration between researchers in the Nordic countries, increase synergies and bridge gaps between research and practice. And in the end, nine applicants was found responding best to the requirements.

Congratulations to all granted networks, and welcome to work for a sustainable agriculture sector together with NKJ!

Next chance to apply for funding for research networks from NKJ will be in 2025. Sign upp for the NKJ newsletter to know when the next call opens!

These are the new NKJ researcher network:

2024-01 Nordic network of agricultural data scientists

2024-02 Nordic-Baltic Plant Phenotyping Network (NB-PPN)

2024-03 Sustainable meat production in the Nordic region – NordMeat

2024-04 Nordic Field Trial Network 2

2024-05 A Nordic-Baltic framework for sustainable food systems

2024-06 The Arctic ReseArch Network for Diseases in reindeer related to hUSbandry and climate change (TARANDUS 2.0)

2024-07 Nordic Food Systems Transdisciplinary Research Network

2024-08 Sustainable dairy for the future – product quality and new technologies

2024-09 Developing Integrated Pest Management in Nordic currant production